Top Tips for a Flat Stomach

11 Oct 2012

US fitness model Lauren Abraham shows us how to create a seriously toned tum

Staying in shape isn’t difficult for TV host Lauren Abraham - sitting still is. At the moment this former professional snowboarder is not only – deep breath now – hosting a new action packed travel show, Insider Escapes; launching a yoga retreat in South America; starring in the US Muscle & Fitness magazine; as well as travelling the world as the ambassador for stand up paddleboarding company Rogue. We love Lauren’s appetite for life and we also admire her toned tum too. So we asked SHAPE Personal Trainer of the Year 2010 Derryn Brown to create a workout that would help us get a stomach like our American fitness crush. If you want to find out more about this US fitness queen you can become a fan of Lauren by logging on to laurenabrahamfanpage or - you’ll feel as if you’ve had a workout, just reading about all her adventures.

Do each movement in order. Do this three times a week.
YOU’LL NEED A Swiss ball and a mat.

1. Single Leg Pilates Stretch
Lying on your back with your legs straight up in the air and your chin to your chest, grab your one leg around the calf and gently pull it towards to your chest while lowering your other leg towards the ground, (make sure that leg doesn’t touch the ground), keep your toes pointed. Alternate each leg, for a total of 20 reps. Breathing out every time you pull the knee to your chest.

2. Side Plank Hold 
Make sure your leg rests on top of the other leg (this activates the glutes) and then lean onto your arm and balance, placing one arm straight up in the air. Hold for 10 seconds only, then go into normal plank position on your elbows for 10 seconds and then change to the other side plank for 10 seconds hold. (Total of 30 seconds only). Lauren kicks this move up a notch by lifting her top leg in the air.

3. Ball Pass
Start with holding the ball in your hands above the head (keep your chin to your chest), then pass the ball to your legs [A] and lower the legs [B] and return the arms above the head. Exchange the ball from your hands to your legs for 20 reps.

4. Reach for your toes
Lying on your back with your legs straight up in front of you, chin to the chest, reach for your toes with your hands, and then gently lower your upper body down while still keeping your chin to your chest.

5. Clam Crunchies
Lying on your back with your soles of your feet touching each other [A] (with the legs open like a clam) do crunches upwards and pause at the top for 2 seconds (very small movement upwards) and then lower back down, complete 10 reps [B]. Complete an additional 5 reps, by reaching upwards with your hands,as if you were going to present something with yourhands like a trophy.

6. Reverse Crunches
Lying on your back, curl up your glutes [A] and legs lifting them off the ground, when you bring them back down make sure you touch the ground with your toe [B]. (Make sure you keep your heels very close to your glutes) and don’t rock up and down. It’s a very controlled movement. Repeat 15 reps.