Top Party-Ready Primping Treatments

Looking for the top treatments to help you sparkle this Christmas? Here's our rundown to getting glam
Tuesday , 01 October 2013

The Treatment: Ombre, Ombre, Ombre!
Hair colouring which leaves roots dark and graduates in tone to a lighter brown, blonde or copper through the lengths.

The buzz: The season’s hottest ‘do’, ombre promises to help you become a new and improved you, sparking jealousy from others as you enter the room.
Best for: All season long.
The details: The whole process takes about three hours but is carried out using such an interesting colour technique that it’s well worth watching.
Firstly, your stylist will backcomb your whole head of hair before teasing out some tendrils and applying colour to the tips only. It might look a bit bizarre, but the technique ensures there is no hard line where your colour finishes, guaranteeing a truly perfect blend. Next, after quite a bit of detangling, an all over colour is applied – we love the new Illumina by Wella treatment which promises intense shine. A little bit of blow dry, a little bit of wave and voila, your new barnet and you are ready to hit the hottest party in town.
The verdict: A treatment that truly delivers on its promise whether you’re looking for a subtle lift or a dramatic change. Stunning, beautifully blended coloured locks that will make you check yourself out in every store window – that’s a promise!
The cost: Price on application at the newly located Salon Ink, Jumeirah.

The Treatment: Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure
The buzz:
Get top-to-toe styled at Armani/SPA with a deluxe manicure and pedicure which is on par with an indulgent spa session.
Best for: Nail rehab. Whilst DIY nail varnish can be tricky business, it’s EVEN harder to shape and file your own tips. Armani takes talons from chipped to chic in one very relaxing salon experience.
The details: Get ready to say spa-aaah with a full 130 minutes of hand and foot pampering, which includes a 15 minute back, neck and shoulder massage as well as access to the Armani Terme thermal bathing facilities. 
The verdict: Be prepared to finally discover what a designer manicure and pedicure is all about – statement nails that glimmer and gleam like a pair of Emporio Armani S/S13 sandals.
The cost: Dhs570 at Armani/SPA.

The Treatment: Paraffin Facial
The buzz:
Apparently Sophie Dahl’s a fan of this moisturising treatment, which uses hot wax with the promise it will improve your complexion and leave skin soft  and  glowing.
Best for: Combination skin or those looking to shrink their pores.
The details: This 90 minute facial treatment begins with the therapist cleansing and toning skin, before applying a treatment gel using a vibrating brush. A gently tingling and reviving mask and some pain-free extractions follow, before intensive moisturisers are massaged into the skin, preparing it for the hot wax – which is a lot more pleasant than it sounds. Your eyes are covered with pads before a mesh gauze is laid over the entire face, allowing for easy removal of the wax later. The hot, though not burning, wax is then applied from the neck up, working to open up pores, loosen impurities and blockages and brighten your complexion. The wax hardens over the course of around 15 minutes – which feels odd, though not unpleasant – before it is gently pulled away from skin using the gauze. A final coating of moisturiser and you’re good to glow.
The verdict: If it’s party ready skin you’re looking for, call off the search. This treatment leaves you with a serious glow that lasts for days, while in the long-term, skin becomes smoother, more refined and healthier. We’re hooked!
The cost: Dhs350 at Merle Norman Studios.

The Treatment: Eyelash Extensions
The buzz:
With the promise of longer lashes for more than two weeks before any replacements are needed, you can put away the mascara and get a J-Lo worthy flutter.
Best for: Anytime, any place… While these are great prior to a big event such as a wedding or birthday party, who wouldn’t want gorgeous long lashes all year long?
The details: Let’s be honest, this is not a treatment you’d want to try at home – imagine the mess! If you thought fake lashes were fiddly, imagine having to apply glue to every individual upper lash before attaching a single lash fragment. It requires real attention to detail and, as a result, the process takes around an hour. It is, however, totally discomfort free and, once you get used to the feeling, it’s really quite a relaxing experience.
The verdict: Lashes are longer, thicker and generally more lustrous, yet still look natural. Not having to use mascara is a serious benefit early in the morning too. Just remember not to use make-up remover…
The cost: Dhs500 at Pastels Salon.

The Treatment: Laser Teeth Whitening
The buzz:
For those who’ve always wanted that Hollywood smile but hate the idea of painful dental surgery and caps, this is the way to get pearly whites in under an hour. 
Best for: Boosting everyday confidence, looking great for that special occasion or just appearing happier in all those holiday season party snaps.
The details: The first step is to make an appointment with the clinic’s dental hygienist before your treatment. This appointment will be used to give your teeth a thorough scale and clean, preparing them for the whitening procedure.
Five days after your deep clean, your teeth should be ready for bleaching. A translucent whitening gel is applied all over the teeth, before a targeted laser is used to activate the bleaching crystals, which then penetrate the tooth enamel to increase the overall lightening effect. Treatment is carried out in four 15 minute slots and although not painful, some clients may experience a little discomfort as teeth become more sensitive. The result? Seriously shiny, brighter and whiter yet natural looking teeth.
The verdict: The results of this treatment will be clear for all to see, with some patients experiencing a brightening effect many shades lighter. The only note of caution would be that bleaching can increase tooth sensitivity, so those who already experience tooth pain may be advised to seek a less invasive whitening method.
The cost: Priced from Dhs2800 at Dr Nicolas & Asp clinics across Dubai.

Don’t forget...
The key to looking party ready and super glamorous is a healthy looking spray tan to make you stand out from the crowd. Think bronzed limbs like Jennifer Aniston and Giselle. We adore faking it thanks to Pastels new spacious salon in Jumeirah, where the experts use SunFX tan. Just 10 minutes and a quick dry-off in front of the fan promises you’ll wake-up the next morning with a Hollywood-worthy golden glow.

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