Top Model gets tall Talley

The legendary Vogue editor to join the hit show
Tuesday , 09 February 2010
Top Model gets tall Talley

America’s Next Top Model just upped the fashion ante with its latest recruit.

Vogue editor-at-large (and that doesn’t just apply to his work, he's 6'7") Andre Leon Talley is set to guest judge the hugely popular TV series for three seasons starting March 10 this year.

The eccentric and charismatic magazine man was first approached by the show’s creator Tyra Banks in 2002 before it had even hit the air. Unsure of its potential, Andre declined. He tells Women's Wear Daily, "At that point, I said no because it was the beginning. I was thinking I wanted to see where it goes... “

But eight years and millions of fans later, he’s ready to enter the Top Model world. “I felt maybe (now) I could contribute something to it that had not been on the show. I just felt that it was a way to step out of the box and associate myself with a very important American success story, a very important brand - Tyra Banks.”

Andre, who can often be seen front-row at every major fashion show sitting beside Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, is confident he’ll add some flare to the show, and so is Tyra.

“Andre speaks about fashion and he has such a passion, and the words - the adverbs, the adjectives - he uses! I know it's going to make the viewer at home go, 'Wow.' It might go over their head, but he's educating them about a time, bringing them back to a place when fashion was life.”