Top Five New Year's Resolutions Every Couple Should Make

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Wednesday , 19 December 2012
Top Five New Year's Resolutions Every Couple Should Make
Get exercising together!

The New Year is a wide open door of opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning and a second chance. Whether there are lessons to be learned from the previous year, or if you just fancy a challenge or a change, making New Year’s resolutions can be really rewarding – particularly as a couple. This year, instead of the usual ‘give up chocolate and booze’ resolution, why not make some post-Christmas pledges as a couple instead? Here are five New Year’s resolutions every couple should make.

Date night
It can be all too easy to get wrapped up in work and stuck in the routine of the gym, slobbing on the sofa or housework. But what about each other? Do you factor in time to be in one another’s company on a regular basis? When was the last time you spent some quality, uninterrupted time together to do those things that couples do best; a romantic meal for two, a trip to the cinema or the theatre, a leisurely picnic or a weekend getaway? It’s about time to schedule in a date night each week or fortnight to ensure you still have fun together and catch up – just because you live with someone and see them every day doesn’t mean you can skimp on the real stuff. So, arrange a night that suits your schedules to turn off your phones, ignore Facebook and live in the now with the one you love. Now, start as you mean to go on and go run a bubble bath and light some candles!

Start a new hobby
Do you find yourself always saying; “I would love to give that a go, but I’d never do it on my own.”? Trying something new with someone you’re close to makes it half as scary and double as fun, so your couple’s New Year resolution this year could be to start a new hobby together. Something as simple as a twice weekly run together, in pursuit of completing your first 5k event; or something a little more challenging such as a cookery course, sailing or skiing. The nerves and hurdles you’ll have to deal with together will naturally make you feel closer, not to mention the pleasure of having something new and exciting to tell your friends about. The important thing is to find something you’re both interested in, as it won’t be a fun resolution if one of you is getting stuck in while the other watches from the sidelines.

Plan ahead
Some couples thrive on spontaneity and love jetting off on last minute holidays or impromptu day trips; while other couples get so bogged down into the same routine of not making plans that life can simply pass them by. Making plans together as a couple for future events is the perfect New Year resolution if you want to make this year top the last. Sit down together and write down all the things you wish to do together in your lifetime. Your list can be anything from ‘making baked Alaska’ to ‘travelling to Venice’. This in itself is a fun thing to do together, but then, with a calendar and a calculator, factor in all the things you could do this year. Planning your time off work in advance and calculating what you can afford will give you a positive buzz for what the year has in store, rather than panicking last minute or simply moaning that “we never do anything!”.

Scratch each other’s backs
We don’t mean this quite so literally, although having a back scratch is one of the perks of being a couple and is one of life’s little pleasures. If you have been with your partner for a while, all of those nurturing and caring habits you used to share, such as absentmindedly rubbing each other’s feet while you watch television, may have faded out of your routine. This year, make the effort to bring back these tokens of love on a daily basis. You may moan that you can’t be bothered to give your partner a massage, but remember, a deal’s a deal and you’ll be getting one in return! Touch is a powerful thing, so rubbing your partner’s temples after a long day at work or moisturising their hands can instantly make you feel connected. Aside from this, gestures such as running your partner a bath or running an errand for them will pay off and lets them know that you care.

Kick the bad habits
We know, we know; we said these resolutions were going to be more original than giving up unhealthy food, and they are! It’s just that food, drink and other unhealthy lifestyle choices always make their way into New Year’s resolutions. As a couple, you’ve got a built-in support network already, so attempting to lose weight, improve your skin and vitality or just put an end to your bad habits aren’t as challenging as they would be if you were to do them alone. Are you weekly takeaway munchers? Your resolution could be to cook one new and healthy dish each week – you could even have ‘cook offs’ and try to outdo one another. Or, do you put away an embarrassing number of bottles of vino a week? In this instance, your resolution could be to replace your pub visits with bowling, or your vino-fuelled nights on the sofa with sharing the housework. Pinpointing your couple downfalls and making a pact to change together will act as a positive start to the New Year and the new healthy habits should hopefully become part of your couple routine.

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