Top Five Metabolism-boosting Foods

22 Apr 2013

We know just what you need to eat to get fit faster

1. Jalapenos

Whether you sprinkle jalapenos onto your tacos or
whizz them up to make a dip does not matter. What matters is that these tasty
chili peppers can boost your metabolism and help you to use up more calories.
Jalapenos are great for your metabolic rate because they contain a beneficial
chemical called capsaicin, which is thought to boost your metabolism and help
you to feel fuller for longer. Interestingly, another perk to eating hot foods
containing capsaicin is that they trigger the release of endorphins and can
leave people with a feeling of euphoria.
Alternative: If you’re not a fan of jalapenos, you could choose other
hot peppers that contain capsaicin, such as cayenne pepper, chilli flakes or,
if you are really brave, you could try a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Be warned
though, this superhot pepper is a whopping 5000 Scoville heat units hotter than
a jalapeno pepper. 

2. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an incredibly versatile
vegetable and they taste good whether mashed, baked or roasted. As well as
being sweetly delicious and comforting to eat, sweet potatoes provide us with
numerous health benefits. One such health benefit is their ability to boost out
It is thought that the antioxidant glutathione that is found in sweet potatoes
is the component that helps our nutrient metabolism. Plus the vitamin B
nutrient within sweet potatoes is also thought to help burn fat within the body.
Alternative: If you don’t fancy eating sweet potatoes, other orange and
vibrant fruit and vegetables can also help to boost your metabolism. Carrots,
pumpkin, avocado or watermelon can all increase your glutathione levels and aid
nutrient metabolism. 

3. Spinach

Spinach is one of those super foods that get a lot
of limelight in the world of health and there’s a reason for that – it’s
fantastic. Packed with health boosting properties, spinach is a must for those
who want a healthy diet and it turns out that spinach can also help to give our
metabolisms a hefty boost too.
The iron present in spinach is thought to help keep your red blood cells
healthy. Therefore spinach helps your red blood cells get the necessary oxygen
to your muscles and in turn this helps to ensure your metabolism does not drop
or decrease.
Alternative: If spinach is not for you, eat other foods rich in iron
like kale, liver and chickpeas.    

4. Green tea  

There is a popular Chinese legend that says the
drinking of tea began by accident when, in around 2700 B.C., the then King,
King Shen Nung, was drinking boiling water when wind carried tea leaves into
his pot and the first cup of tea was thus created. No matter how we began
drinking tea, it is thought that drinking some varieties of tea can have lots
of benefits for our health and wellbeing.
A health benefit gained from drinking green tea that many of us would like to
take advantage of is its ability to boost our metabolisms. Green tea contains
caffeine and catechins that are thought to boost our metabolism for several
hours after drinking. Studies have found that one cup of green tea may not be
enough to boost your metabolism though and it is thought that drinking between
two to four cups of green tea may help you to get the boost you require.
Alternative: Other tea that contains catechins and caffeine is oolong
tea, which is a partially fermented tea (green tea is unfermented) that has a
sweet taste.

5. Eggs

Eggs can provide nutritious and tasty meals for
breakfast, lunch or dinner and some people even enjoy eating boiled eggs for
snacks. One of the greatest nutritional benefits we gain from eating eggs is
their protein.
Protein does all sorts of good things for our body, one of which is helping to
support the growth of our muscles. Muscle mass is essential for those looking to
boost their metabolism because the more muscle mass you have the more calories
you use up.
Alternative: Other sources of protein that can aid your metabolism
include lean meats like chicken and turkey, or fish like tuna, sardines and

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