McVitie’s Fruit and Form

Top Five Healthy Snacks!

11 Nov 2009

Put the crisps down! Star Style has found five of the best diet-friendly munchies...

Biscuity bite

McVitie’s Fruit Form
What?A low-cal cereal bar packed with fruit.
This new biscuit snack contains just 55 calories (compared with 100 cals per average biscuit), and because it’s packed with fruit, cereals and grains, it’ll fill you up too! And you won’t find yourself reaching for a second as is the temptation with your average fix from the biscuit barrel. Available in three varieties – Forest Fruit, Pear Chocolate and Apple Apricot, each tasty bar has less than 10 per
cent fat – bonus!

Choccie Fix

New Special K Milk Chocolate
Crunchy rice and wheat flakes
with milk chocolate swirls. With just 188 calories per serving (compared to around 300 for some chocolate bars), this fab new version of our fave slimming cereal is the perfect way to indulge your chocolate cravings without blowing the diet. Packed with iron and seven different vitamins, and with just three per cent fat, it’s the perfect weapon to keep by your desk to fend off the three o’clock munchies.

Not so naughty nibbles

Special K Mini Breaks
What? Crunchy multi-grain cereal bites.
Each bag contains just 99 calories, compared to the 500+ in a bag of crisps, so these bite-sized treats are the perfect substitute for a packet of potato chips. Packed with oats, wheat and rice baked into a biscuity bite, they’re available in original, chocolate and zesty lemon flavours. Yum!

High and dry

Tropical Dried Fruits
What? Dried pineapple, banana, papaya, kiwi, and mango.
Available by the bag from all good supermarkets, a bag of tropical dried fruit is the ideal healthy substitute when you crave sugar-filled jelly sweets or wine gums. Bursting with flavour, and with a soft and chewy texture, you can almost convince yourself you’re sucking on a tooth-rottingly bad sweet – without the teeth-rotting sugar high!

Cinema snack

Garrett popcorn
What? Popcorn made using no fat or oil.
A fave of Oprah, Katie Holmes and Beyonce, this popcorn is made using simple flavours, privately-grown kernels and no fat or oil. Available in cheese, plain, butter and caramel crisp, a portion of buttery popcorn contains less than 100 calories – compared to a whopping 1,000 in a large cinema portion! Order online at

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