Top Diet Tips with Doha Sports Nutritionist Chris Rigby

This week, Chris tells us the best options for fast food
Tuesday , 25 February 2014
Top Diet Tips with Doha Sports Nutritionist Chris Rigby

Q. If I’m treating myself to fast food, are there some kinds that are better for you than others? Kym, Doha

A. These days you are spoilt for choice with fast food. I always have a ‘cheat meal’ now and again, you have to – getting that balance and rewarding yourself for all your hard work is essential. A once a week take-away is okay, as you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle while curbing your cravings. 

You don’t need to eat badly because the food is quick, though. Think grilled, keep away from thick creamy sauces and from foods that are deep fat-fried and you can substantially reduce the calories you consume. 

Mexican fast foods such as burritos and tacos can be one of the healthier options, depending on the dressings and toppings. If you’re heading for a well-known fast food chain, try the vegetarian option for a change. Sandwich chains offering wholegrain breads and salads as well as quality meats are another good pick – but remember to avoid all those creamy dressings that contain hidden calories. 

If you’re going for Thai, Chinese or Indian, select boiled rice instead of fried, choose grilled meats and vegetable stir fries, as well as sticking to natural dressings such as soy and garlic oils. 

The consumption of fast food as part of a balanced diet is fine, but you need to choose wisely and carefully.

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