Top Diet Tips with Doha Sports Nutritionist Chris Rigby

This week, Chris gives his verdict on liquid diets
Sunday , 16 February 2014
Top Diet Tips with Doha Sports Nutritionist Chris Rigby

Q. I want to try a liquid diet as my friend told me it’s a great way to lose weight fast. Should I do it? Jennie, Doha

A. Liquid diets are not the best idea. Although they can make you lose weight fast, it will always be short term weight loss, consisting largely of water rather than fat. This is simply due to the reduction in calories and absorption of nutrition into your body. Your carbohydrate intake will decrease dramatically, which automatically makes you hold less water in your body as a whole.

However, two to three days of a liquid diet can be beneficial as a cleanse for your system, especially if you’ve had any digestive problems. Consume lots of fruit and vegetables in the form of smoothies and drinks, as well as adding natural sugars like honey to ensure some carbs.

So, liquid diets can be useful in the short term but not in the long term, especially as because when you start to eat normally again, your body may hold onto food as you’ve given it the message that it might not get any for some time to come.

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