Top of the class!

29 Oct 2008

The A-listers aren’t all beautiful but vacant. These celeb smarties get our vote for student president…

Smart sister

Ashley Olsen
She’s been making movies since before she could walk, and, along with sister Mary- Kate, became the youngest self-made millionaire in America aged 10.

Now 22, she’s a billionaire with a fashion empire under her belt, but Ashley is definitely not one to take her showbiz life for granted. “I live a very normal life,” she says. “I have friends, I’ve always gone to school.”

Abandoning their LA life, the twins upped sticks to New York to enrol at NYU in 2004. While MK later dropped out due to her eating disorder, Ash persisted with her studies – though not always easily, revealing, “It was tough for the first couple of months. I couldn’t show up to some classes, because there’d be paparazzi outside.”

Sugababe scholar

Keisha Buchanan
Most pop stars are happy flying around on private jets, attending showbiz bashes and – to quote Fergie – generally being “flouncy, flouncy”. Not-so for Sugababe Keisha,who has announced the Brit trio are to temporarily split so she can go back to school – “It’s my dream to study at university. I’ve been in Sugababes since I was 12, so I would love the opportunity.”

Proving she’s got the brains for uni, Keisha plans to return to her lucrative popstar life after her degree, saying, “We would come back stronger than before.” Clever girl.

Beauty and a geek

James Franco
Spider-man hottie James commuted from the San Fran set of his latest movie Milk, to LA university, to attend class.

The 30-year-old, who graduated in June said, “There were some days when we were doing night shoots when I would fly straight from San Francisco to LA in the morning to go to class.”

He’s now enrolled in a masters degree in writing and film directing at NYU. Franco, see us after class.

High school swot

Zac Efron
Shame on us! There we were thinking that omni-orange Zac was just another bubblegum poptart, when in fact, the 20-year-old Disney alumni is a self-proclaimed nerd, who can’t wait to hit the books.

Having deferred his place at the University of Southern California to take on the now-famous role of Troy (for which we are eternally grateful), he’s now keen to swap High School Musical for uni life. Zac’s already reported to have signed up to take his first semester early next year.

“Zac wants to earn a college degree,” said a source. “Despite his success, it’s one of his goals.”

While Zac adds, “I got good grades at school – in fact, you’d have called me a nerd.” Okay, Zac, you’re a nerd. But a cute one.

Business brains

Jamie Lynn Spears

After falling pregnant at the tender age of 16, Jamie Lynn is already a graduate from the university of life. But the teen mum has revealed she plans to further her education in a more orthodox manner, by hitting to books to study for
a business degree.

While for now, Brit’s little sis is concentrating on being a mum to four-month-old Maddie, JL admits she wants more from life than simply performing the school run in Kentwood, Louisiana.

“I want to get my business degree. I could take online courses right now, but with Maddie being so young, it’s hard to sit down and focus,” she said. “I’m going to wait until she’s a little bit older, and she can stay with my mama while I go to classes. I do want to go to college and get a degree.”

Study sense

Haley Joel Osmond

When did the cute kid from Sixth Sense get all grown-up? Jaws hit the floor when Haley got slapped with a DUI back in 2006. But it seems the 20-year-old is determined to break the Hollywood wild-child mould by getting a college degree.

“I’m double-majoring in fine arts and Middle Eastern studies,” says Haley, who is currently a student at NY’s Tisch School of Arts.

Not willing to abandon the acting dream, Haley took a short hiatus from his studies this month to tread the boards on Broadway. Show off.

Harvard for hermione?

Emma Watson

She grew up in Hogwarts, now Emma Watson is about to add another exclusive school to her resume.

As a straight-A student, the 18-year-old has been looking into courses at both Harvard and Yale in the US, as well as the UK’s prestigious Oxford and Cambridge.

“I would like to go to university and so that will mean a break from acting,” says Em. “I’ve always tried to balance my education with my career, but I just don’t think it will be possible with a degree. I have a need to study. If I stay [in the UK] I will read English Literature, and if I go to America I would do a Liberal Arts programme.” Is it wrong we’re intimidated by a teen?

Boffin bynes

Amanda Bynes

Hairspray actress Amanda Bynes is bound for NYU next year, say pals. The 19-year-old, who graduated from high school in 2004, has been so busy filming her TV show what i like about you, alongside Jennie Garth, that she never found time to finish her education.

But, according to friends, that’s all set to change.

“She wants a college education,” said an insider. “I don’t know how that will affect her acting career, but she definitely wants to do it.” Good on
you, Amanda!

Exam results:

1Lacks concentration. Must tyr harder.
2Shows willing, but could apply themselves more.
3Star pupil. Move over Steven Hawking.