Top Christmas Tips from Celeb Chefs

Make a perfect spread with tips from Jamie, Nigella and more
ByJasmine BandaliTuesday , 23 December 2014
Top Christmas Tips from Celeb Chefs

 Nigella Lawson on pudding:
“Replace traditional Christmas pudding with a chocolate steam pudding. I have never met a child who likes Christmas pudding and this looks the same but everyone enjoys it”

 Jamie Oliver on gravy:
“Using veg and chicken wings, you can make your gravy days in advance.Freeze portions and reheat on the day –it saves loads of time”

 Heston Blumenthal on perfect roast potatoes:
“The secret to the perfect roastie is boiling them until they’re about to fall apart before roasting. This breaks up the surfaces of the potato and allows a crispy, glass-like crust to form around a very fluffy interior. Be careful not to let them completely fall apart, though!”

Marco Pierre White on Brussels sprouts:
“Steam the sprouts first for around eight minutes, until they’re slightly soft, in a little water, butter and a stock cube. Then in a frying pan, heat a few tablespoons of water with a few good knobs of butter and a stock cube - chicken’s best, vegetable if you’re vegetarian - and when it’s hot and emulsified, throw in the sprouts and toss in the liquid for a few minutes”

Michel Roux Jr. on turkey:
“Choose a small turkey. The bigger the turkey, the tougher the meat and the longer it takes to cook. The smaller the better – there’s a lot of meat on turkey and with all the trimmings and extras, trust me, it will be more than enough” 

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