Top Celeb Dental Makeovers

14 Aug 2012

Thinking of having a dental makeover? Take inspiration from these hot A-list smile overhauls, from Victoria Beckham to Cheryl Cole, and start saving, people!

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Victoria Beckham
Thought Posh didn’t show off her pearly whites because her permanent diet made her too grumpy? Apparently not. Mrs David Beckham reportedly hates her smile – in particular her yellow teeth with the huge middle gap that she’d had since she was a kid. Not to worry though, as she apparently splashed out Dhs161,000 on cosmetic dentistry (including whitening and veneers) to bring them up to her more ‘Posh’ standards. Her hubby David was seemingly such a big fan of the work of celeb dentist Dr Jeremy Hills that he got his dodgy old gnashers whitened too. You know what they say, the couple that whitens together, stays together.
Toothy Transformation Factor: 3/5
Cost: Dhs161,000

Cheryl Cole
Just as she was about to hit the big time in 2006, Chezza gave her Geordie smile a T’Town makeover, setting her back Dhs46,000 and costing Dhs8,600 a year to maintain. As well as veneers and whitening, Cheryl wore an invisible brace to even up her smile, thanks to dentist-to-the-stars, London-based whizz Dr Wyman Chan.
Toothy Transformation Factor: 4/5
Cost: Dhs46,000

50 Cent
After being rudely dissed in fellow rapper Cam’ron’s song Curtis (with lyrics like “I have to beef/ he looks like a gorilla/ with rabbit teeth”) 50 shelled out an eye-watering Dhs231,000 to fix his buck teeth. And the smile makeover worked – his new set are so famous, they’ve even got their own Twitter account – check out @50centsteeth, which has tweeted gems like: “T-Pain has the same dentist that made me possible.” Worth every penny to be a ‘rapping rabbit’ no more.
Toothy Transformation Factor: 2/5
Cost: Dhs231,000

Demi Moore
Her fight to retain her youthful looks goes beyond keeping wrinkles and extra pounds at bay. Demi knows that a fresh smile can take years off her look and has had veneers and apparently endured “multiple” teeth whitening sessions. It seems she’s a regular at the dentist surgery. Demi once uploaded a twitpic of herself in the chair, missing a front tooth just before she had it replaced! “Happy to share and always appreciate the opportunity to find humility! Or at least be able to laugh at myself!” she tweeted.
Toothy Transformation Factor: 4/5
Cost: Dhs47,000

Gwen Stefani
If anyone can make braces look cool, it’s Gwen! The No Doubt singer has never been shy of her terrible toothy past, rocking the ‘pink hair and metal mouth’ look back in ‘99. These days Gwen has the perfect smile, but she concedes to a few tricks to make her teeth look super white, including wearing red lipstick with blue undertones to counteract any yellow and make them ultra bright! Genius tip, thanks, Gwen. Pass the lippie!
Toothy Transformation Factor: 4/5
Cost: Dhs42,000

Miley Cyrus
Miley claims her dad banned her from fixing her teeth, but we reckon she went ahead anyway and had some major work done. The newly-engaged starlet apparently endured a marathon 18-hours of surgery and a further two weeks of healing after the super-painful procedure. Yikes.
Toothy Transformation Factor: 4/5
Cost: Dhs81,000

Tom Cruise
It took Tom until he was 39 to fix his chompers. But even that wasn’t enough to completely transform his wonky front two teeth, which is probably why he’s learnt to camouflage it by posing with his face tilted away from the camera. Cunning.
Toothy Transformation Factor: 5/5
Cost: Dhs179,000

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Cath claims that she was teased at school before she got her teeth fixed. But it’s not just braces and veneers that she credits for her pearly whites – she eats apples and brushes her teeth with mashed strawberries every week to keep them naturally shiny and white.
Toothy Transformation Factor: 3/5
Cost: Dhs62,000