Top 7 places you can go to for International French Fry Day

Possibly the best celebration of the year, if you ask us
ByAlmas HashmiTuesday , 02 July 2019
Top 7 places you can go to for International French Fry Day
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Potatoes make for the best dishes and nothing is better than a good ol’ serving of French fries. Fresh fries are probably one of the best comfort foods to exist. They don’t even go to the stomach, they go straight to the heart.

With International French Fry Day coming up on July 13, we decided to round up the top 7 places you should go to get a variety of fries.

1. Five Guys Cajun Fries

Sometimes, nothing is better than the classic old fries that we love so much. Five Guys’ classic Cajun fries are cooked in pure, no cholesterol peanut oil. The largest serving priced at Dhs27, and they are a wonderful treat for the soul.

2. McDonald’s Classic Fries

When it comes to classic fries, most of us have grown up munching on the salty goodness of McDonald’s fries. Coming in servings of four sizes, the largest is available for a mere Dhs11. We're definitely lovin’ it!

3. Logma Fries

Logma’s signature fries are seasoned with khaleeji spices, crispy herbs, and a chilli oil providing for a wonderful treat with a little Middle Eastern twist. Logma Fries are available at Dhs30.

4. New York Fries

Not much is needed to be said about NYF. After all, it’s an entire fast-food joint dedicated to French fries. Fries are cooked fresh with special NYF style. They’re available in a large variety, from classic to a number of different toppings. All priced at Dhs23 or less.

5. Blaze Burgers’ Fries

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Blaze Burgers provides some wonderful options to French fry-lovers. You can pick your own style of potatoes (be it the classic French fry-style or scoopers) plus a topping to go over it. The spiciest of all toppings are the Angry Fries priced at Dhs30.

6. Nomad’s Volcano

Nomad’s Volcano is a treat not just for the eyes but also the stomach and the heart (the metaphorical kind). Priced at Dhs59, the Volcano is made with cheesy fries, chicken cubes and a special lava sauce. It’s the perfect way to celebrate International French Fry Day with a few friends since this serving doesn’t look like it’s for just one person!

7. Moylo’s Sweetheart Fries

Moylo’s is the best place to go for the lovers of French fries made of sweet potato. These thin-cut sweet potato fries served with beetchup are a crispy treat priced at a mere Dhs21.

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