Top 6 Tips for Healthy Fasting and Exercising

Eat right, stay fit and be healthier than ever during the Holy Month. Lama Al Khuja and Adam Bojang from Health Bay Polyclinic show the way to Ramadan wellness
Friday , 13 July 2012
Top 6 Tips for Healthy Fasting and Exercising
Remember to keep exercising

1 A Healthy Break
Dates and water are the best options to break a fast; the former’s an excellent source of energy, potassium and magnesium; the latter is essential to replace lost fluids.
2 Keep Hydrated
Aim to drink at least 10 glasses of fluids, mainly water, from iftar to suhoor every day.
3 Eat well
Fill up on fibre rich foods to provide your body with sustainable, slowly-digested energy sources. This'll also ward off headaches and constipation – common side effects of fasting.
4 Manage Your Weight
Practise portion control and avoid fatty, deep fried foods as they're energy dense and could lead to heartburn and belching.
5 Keep Exercising
Stick to your usual exercise routine. Just train after you’ve broken your fast or early in the morning before suhoor.
6 Workout Smart
Consider making your workouts more intense and shorter in duration during Ramadan.
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Should You Fast?
Most Muslims fast during the Holy Month and some non-Muslims join the fast to show empathy. However, for health reasons, some people shouldn’t fast; exceptions include young children, the elderly and frail, pregnant and nursing mothers, travellers and people with illnesses, such as diabetes, that prevent them from fasting. The diabetes team at Northwest Clinic advises that you consult your doctor before you begin fasting and end your fast immediately if your blood sugar levels are too low.
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