Top 6 Hire-Me Hair Styles

Power cuts for every kind of working woman, from strong curls to sleek straight styles
Thursday , 27 October 2011
Curly Locks
Curly Locks
Top Knot
Top Knot
Braidy Bunch
Braidy Bunch
Crimp Of The Crop
Crimp Of The Crop
Chi Chi Chinigon
Chi Chi Chinigon
Sleek ‘N’ Straight
Sleek ‘N’ Straight

1. Curly Locks

The look: Forget Carmen rollers, curling irons made a comeback this season. Tight tendrils with lots of volume mean business!

How: Create bouncy curls by spiralling small sections of hair down a curling tong. The smaller the section, the more curl you achieve. Run your fingers through the curls to break them up and pump up the volume.

Expert tip: Small, tight curls are best to wear to work. Save the masses of mussed-up waves for after-hours.

Seen at: Christian Dior, Proenza Schouler, Chris Benz and Prabal Gurung

2. Top Knot

The look: Hair is slicked back into a classic bun and high topknot. Perfect for when you’re running late for work.

How: It’s the season’s easiest trend yet and placement is vital. Low-set ballet buns are classic but go high for a stronger, more confident knot.

Expert tip: The effect can look sexier when the bun looks undone. Rake it up with your fingers and secure lightly with pins.

Seen at: Vivienne Westwood, Temperley and Gucci

3. Braidy Bunch

The look: Braids are it. The runways saw a reinvention of the braid; a modern scalp-knit plait pulled super tight, and it’s perfect for work. Classic, romantic bed-head plaits were also on-trend – just save this look for the weekend.

How: Wear them close to the scalp or straight down your back. Get creative and weave plaits right around your hairline – either way, your tresses are bang-on.

Expert tip: On a night when you’re not doing anything, experiment! Your braids will benefit with experience.

Seen at: Todd Lynn, Jason Wu, Emilio Pucci and Nanette Lepore

4. Crimp Of The Crop

The look: Dig out your old ’80s crimper - bendy hair is back! Take this trend two ways: a supersized ’fro or half-crimped hair. The most workwearable crimp was definitely the half-head.

How: Start waves from the ear down, leaving the top head crimp-free. It’s a modern take on Madonna’s most favoured style.

Expert tip: To break-up crimps without getting frizzy, run serum through your hair with wide-spread fingers. This will help soften the look and smooth down the fl y-aways while still giving a cool crimp.

Seen at: Philip Lim, A Detacher, Prophetik, and Miu Miu

5. Chi Chi Chinigon

The look: Super sleek and shiny hair is slicked back into an elegant low bun. It’s a more glamorous alternative to the simple bun or topknot. Sleek, chic styles let your dress do the talking.

How: Loop the pony under the tail and cover that nasty hair band with a fastened strand of hair.

Expert tip: Hairspray is the secret here. Spray a folded tissue with it first, then smooth it over your hairstrands to tame fly-aways fast.

Seen at: Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana

6. Sleek ‘n’ Straight

The look: Imagine long glossy locks, slicked to the scalp, then left loose to go swish, swish, swish as you walk.

How: Dig out the gel and run it through clean hair on the scalp to control those fl y-away strands. Work in styling spray for extra hold and leave the rest of your straightened locks to hang free.

Expert tip: A straight blowdry is essential for creating this look, especially for naturally wavy or curly hair. Straighten the ends with a GHD to play it safe.

Seen on: Versace, D&G, Joseph, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani