Top 5 Must-have Ingredients for Moroccan Cooking

09 Jul 2013

Lafayette Gourmet's Moroccan chef Issam Elbouzidi shares some delish secrets with us!

Fresh off Lafayette Gourmet's fest A Taste of Morocco, we got Moroccan chef Issam Elbouzidi (who's originally from Casablanca) to share his five must-have ingredients for the cuisine:

1. Ras el Hanout: A blend of 27 spices, this is an essential Moroccan all spice.
2. Moroccan saffron: The longer the strands, the better the quality. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way.
3. Moroccan ghee: It has a potent aroma but really adds something to a dish.
4. Cinnamon: Perfect for Moroccan cooking, it's fragrant and sweet. Chef Issam uses both whole and ground cinnamon.
5. Cumin: Very aromatic, it's used as a base for several dishes.