Top 25 Fitness Classes in the UAE!

Top 25 Fitness Classes in the UAE!

11 Jan 2017

Bored of pounding the treadmill and sick of the downward dog? These exercise classes will be sure to get your heart pumping

Bounce Fit

WHERE: Bounce, Building 32, 4B street, Behind Ace Hardware, Al Quoz 1, 04 3211 400,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs80 per session, free with GuavaPass

WHAT: A fun alternative to a boring run on the treadmill, this class lets you jump around on trampolines for an 60 minutes, which does so much more for you than a traditional workout! The high-intensity, low-impact cardio workouts help you burn fat quicker, strengthen your core, improve your muscle tone and boost your heart rate – all to an awesome soundtrack!

Strength & Conditioning

WHERE: TK MMA & Fitness, Al Shatha Tower, Media City, 050 283 1544,

WHEN: 7.30pm Sun-Wed, 6.30pm Thu

HOW MUCH: Trial session free, Dhs100 each, free with gym membership

WHAT: Our favourite 360-degree class, Strength & Conditioning focuses on everything from weight loss and endurance to full-body toning. Frankie, who coaches the class, has 20 years’ training experience and is a former British commando physical training instructor, so he really knows his stuff. Classes are split into a circuit of three different exercises, with cardio in between sets, comprising everything from dead lifts, box jumps, kettlebell swings, pull-ups and more. It all makes use of TK MMA & Fitness’ extensive array of outdoor workout equipment, too.

1SX8 Burn

WHERE: The Warehouse Gym, Umm Suqeim Road, 04 323 2323,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs100 per session, free with GuavaPass

WHAT: Held by 1SX8, a popular boutique training studio, this HIIT workout combines cardio, as well as strength- and endurance-based exercises. You go through each exercise in bursts of 75 seconds, with a minute’s rest in between, over a period of 45 minutes. Think rowing and treadmill sprints, as well as dumbbell swings, push-ups and squats. It’s tough, but it’s a great workout and proven to burn calories. Classes alternate between upper-, lower- and full-body, and it’s suitable for all.


WHERE: Pilates Academy, Jumeirah Bay X2, Cluster X, JLT,, 056 798 4655

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs100 per class, Dhs50 trial class, discount on bulk bookings, free with GuavaPass

WHAT: With Cardiolates you get the best of both worlds – the fitness and health advantages of a cardio workout and the core strengthening and toning effects of Pilates. It starts with a small and gentle warm-up before you hit the floor for a short Pilates class. Next, it’s onto the mini trampolines where the group bounces for 30 minutes, stretching and toning in between.


WHERE: Palm Park, Palm Jumeirah, 04 447 0773

WHEN: 4pm Sat

HOW MUCH: Dhs65 per session, Dhs720 for 12 sessions

WHAT: Taking place outdoors at the prestigious Palm Park, former international karate gold medallist Rafat Shawe teaches participants of all levels of fitness the art of kickboxing. Known as an excellent form of stress release, it also improves strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility, while sharpening reflexes and improving balance. You can expect to burn at least 600 calories during a typical kickboxing class, too!


WHERE: Fraser Suites Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai Media City,

WHEN: 7.15pm Mon and Wed

HOW MUCH: Dhs80 per session, Dhs600 for 10 sessions

WHAT: A 60-minute workout, Yogalates marries the relaxation of yoga with the body sculpting of Pilates to give you an incredibly energising workout. The Pilates strengthens you and focuses on your core muscles, while the yoga increases your flexibility and opens your hips, spine and shoulders. Pairing the two helps improve your coordination, balance and chronic back pain.

Hills, Hills, Hills

WHERE: Bespoke Ride, Al Quoz, 04 348 4288,

WHEN: Check website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs120 per session, free with GuavaPass

WHAT: Taking place at Dubai’s dedicated indoor cycling studio, Hills, Hills, Hills is an non-traditional take on spinning. The 60-minute studio bike class takes you through the best ‘hills’ in Dubai, with a variety of exercises that focus on building your power. It’s all about using your bodyweight on a

steep gradient.

Ryding Real

WHERE: Souplesse Cycle, Dubai Motor City, Apex Atrium Rooftop, 04 554 7346,

WHEN: Daily, see website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Trial session free, Dhs85-115 per session depending on package, free on GuavaPass, ClassPort and ClassDive

WHAT: A fun and functional workout on an indoor bike that gives you a full-body workout, this class is designed to improve your strength, stability and coordination, while you burn calories doing all that cardio! Tone your muscles as you tilt, lean and turn with this bike that mimics the range of motion on an actual bike, all while you listen to an awesome soundtrack in a beautiful, spacious studio.

Cross-Cuit yoga

WHERE: A-Tone Fitness Lounge, Prime Tower, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay, 050 654 5302,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs80 per session, Dhs700 for one month unlimited classes, free with GuavaPass and

Mind+Body app

WHAT: A strenuous fusion of CrossFit and circuit training, this class is a hybrid of high-intensity interval training  (the ultimate calorie burner!), Olympic weight-lifting, aerobics and resistance training. Designed to target weightloss and muscle-gain, it promises to be difficult and action-packed, so it’s perfect for those of you who aren’t afraid of a challenge.

Pilates Core

WHERE: Real Pilates, ONE JLT, Al Sarayat Street, 04 458 5399,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs85 per session, Dhs1,700 for 20 sessions

WHAT: A gentle introduction to Pilates, this is ideal for beginners who want to get familiar with the workout. Featuring simple poses that will aid with poor posture and lack of flexibility, classes strengthen your core at the same time. Trainers also use the latest Pilates equipment.

Les Mills Sprint

WHERE: The Aviation Club, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Garhoud, 04 230 8560,

WHEN: Call or email for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs60 for day pass, Dhs500 for one month, Dhs1,250 for three months

WHAT: A quick yet effective and popular workout that utilises an outdoor bike to get rapid results, this short (30-minute) class motivates you to use every second to push yourself to your mental and physical limits. With minimal impact on your joints, it features bursts of high-energy sprints combined with a small period of rest to prepare yourself for the next effort and burn calories.

GRIT Series

WHERE: Fitness First Clubs in Business Bay, The Palm, Festival City, Motor City, Mirdif, BurJuman, Ibn Battuta and Abu Dhabi, 800 348 6377,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs100 per session

WHAT: An action-packed 30 minutes of exercise, instructors get up close to motivate and encourage you as you go through high-intensity interval training. Start with an accelerated warm-up with big muscle movements, before transitioning into four blocks of work. Each block is 60 seconds of hard work with a short recovery. There’s lots of squats, jumps and push-ups, while weight-lifting will push your heart rate to the max. These bursts of work and play build up your stamina, improve strength and maximise the number of calories you burn.

Core Fit

WHERE: Core Fit, Ground Floor Gym, Dreams Tower 2, Dubai Marina, 04 422 5338,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs100 per session, free with Core Direction, GuavaPass, ClassPort and ClassDive

WHAT: A combination of both CrossFit and circuits, this is a class that guarantees you will always see results! The programme starts with a 10-minute warm-up, followed by a strength exercise – this can be anything from squatting with weights and lifting, to pull-ups and more, while you alternate between team and individual exercises. Push yourself for the last half an hour with some serious cardio, including spinning and explosive lunges. The constant changes and gruelling exercises mean you’ll never get bored.

Reformer Pilates

WHERE: A-Tone Fitness Lounge, Prime Tower, Burj Khalifa, Business Bay, 050 654 5302,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs110 per session, Dhs999 for one month unlimited classes, free on GuavaPass

WHAT: An hour’s class dedicated to help tone and sculpt your body, Reformer Pilates is all the rage right now. Using equipment, it focuses on your breathing and the support of the natural arch of your back to improve posture. You’ll also be allowed to perform core-shaping exercises while lying down, sitting or standing up, depending on which you find more convenient!

The Black Workout

WHERE: Bare, Clover Bay Tower, Al Abraj Street, Business Bay, 045583496,

WHEN: Daily, except Sat, see website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs100 per session, free with GuavaPass

WHAT: Burn up to 1,000 calories at this group-training experience while you enjoy the pumping playlists, social environment and swish interior. It’s CrossFit with a difference – think squats, burpees and crazy side-jumps, this workout will aid you with its no-nonsense attitude, helpful trainers and amazing results.


WHERE: TK MMA & Fitness, Al Shatha Tower, Dubai Media City, 050 283 1544,

WHEN: Check website for schedule.

HOW MUCH: Dhs110 per session, Dhs1,600 for 20 sessions, available on GuavaPass and FitPass

WHAT: Classes designed to help you use your bodyweight to build mobility, control and strength, beginning with simple exercises like squats, pull-ups and push-ups, before learning to master the specific comat skills of MMA and boxing.

MMA Yoga

WHERE: Piloga Studio, Bay Square, Business Bay, 04 456 4499,

WHEN: 7.15pm Wed

HOW MUCH: Dhs85 for a single class, Dhs900 for one month of unlimited group mat classes, Dhs50 with GuavaPass

WHAT: Combining yoga with all the fitness aspects a fighter needs, the class keeps the heart pumping with arm-strengthening drills, leg kicks and shoulder and hip exercises. There’s a gentle warm-up followed by sun salutations, jump lunges and squats, before moving into kicks, warrior poses with side lunges, planks and so much more.


WHERE: Flywheel, Burj Views West, Ground Level, 04 423 2544,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs120 per session, free with ClassPort

WHAT: One of the most popular bike workouts in the city, this is the ultimate spin class for serious fit girls and Instagrammers alike. Bikes are customised to your fitness level and requirements, so newbies need not feel intimidated. For more competitive clients, however, you can participate in the Torqboard – a large screen that displays activity levels and performance, showing who’s going the fastest and strongest! Your stats are all saved into a private account on the Flywheel website, too, which allows you to set you goals and measure your improvement over a period of time.

Flippin’ fit

WHERE: Flip Out Dubai, Warehouse 5, Al Quoz 3, 600 567 568,

WHEN: 8am-9am Sun-Tue, 7.30pm-8.30pm Mon (ladies’ only class), 7.30pm-8.30pm Wed HOW MUCH: Dhs75 per class

WHAT: This high-intensity class, which is suitable for people of all fitness levels, Created by Hesham Kamel, one of the UAE’s most well-known parkour performers,has developed the entertaining and fat-burning trampoline class set to a synchronised soundtrack that changes every week along with the routine to really keep you on your toes! You can also burn up to a whopping 1,000 calories per class

Ignite Military Boot Camp

WHERE: Running Track, The Palm Dubai or Skydive Dubai, 04 456 2482,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs700 for 12 sessions

WHAT: Think high-intensity, military-style, outdoor training that’s designed for everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes, this is a class that will push you to your limits. Run around town (well, The Palm and the Marina), lift weights, throw heavy things and get ready to target every muscle group, for a complete whole-body workout that’s sure to leave you feeling like you can join the army.


WHERE: Umm Suqeim Park, 050 930 8709,

WHEN: 7-8pm Wed and Sat, 7-8pm

HOW MUCH: Dhs120 per session, Dhs2,000 for 20 sessions

WHAT: Parkour is based around free-running; you have to get from point A to point B in the fastest way possible, which means you may need to jump off the side of a building, or vault over some handrails – all those super cool James Bond-type moves you only see on the big screen! This class will teach you all that, but starts with the basics, so you can train to be a ninja while staying safe and fit. Each workout starts with a warm-up and a whole breakdown on the technical skill and body-conditioning required to be able to perform these crazy stunts.

SUP Girl

WHERE: Riva Beach Club, Palm Jumeirah,

04 456 2482,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs120 per session or Dhs550 for five classes.

WHAT: This 60-minute class takes place at sea on a paddleboard. Yes, really. Starting with simple stretches, a series of squats and push-ups follows before heading back to shore. There, you’ll get your cardio on with some burpees and sit-ups, before it’s back onto the board for lunges and a few more balancing and core exercises.

Define Mind

WHERE: Define Body & Mind, Silverene Tower B, Dubai Marina, 04 421 6377,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Trial session free, Dhs110 per session, Dhs1,800 for 20 sessions

WHAT: A soothing class that is focused on gaining flexibility, refreshing your body and calming your mind, swing gently from hammocks as you stretch your spine deeply, using suspension training techniques to activate muscles. There’s yoga included, too, which releases tension and is perfect for anyone looking to relieve chronic pain.

Iyengar Yoga

WHERE: 136.1 Yoga,

Dubai Marina, 04 441 6287,

WHEN: See website for schedule

HOW MUCH: Dhs85, free with GuavaPass

WHAT: A lesser-known yet super-effective form of yoga for those with back pain, this is all about body alignment. Using props such as blocks and straps, classes focus heavily on legs, with a lot of standing and balancing poses spread throughout the sequence