Top 10 Tips for Eating Out And Staying Slim in Qatar

You can enjoy Qatar’s restaurant scene without piling on the kilos
ByDawn GibsonThursday , 27 March 2014
Top 10 Tips for Eating Out And Staying Slim in Qatar

We’re spoiled in Qatar with hundreds of restaurants, serving every kind of cuisine imaginable, so it’s not surprising that eating out is practically a national sport. Here are our best tips for enjoying dining out without gaining the dreaded Doha stone.

1. Choose a starter that’s packed with veggies so you’ll feel fuller sooner.

2. Tell your waiter you don’t want a bread basket. Out of sight, out of mind…

3. Drink water to slow you down and give your brain time to register when you’re full.

4. Ask how your food is going to be prepared. Menus don’t always tell  you everything.

5. Ask for a side serve of veggies with your mains, even if it’s not on the menu.

6. Ask for sauces to be served on the side, so you can control how much you consume.

7. Avoid creamy dressings and sauces, as they’re a huge source of hidden calories.

8. Order starters for mains to cut your portion intake.

9. Alternatively, share your main dish with your friend.

10. If brunching, go for quality over quantity. You will enjoy your meal much more and not feel guilty later.