Top 10 Healthiest Celebs

31 Oct 2012

From Jennifer Lopez to Shilpa Shetty, get inspired by our top 10 healthy celebrity role models and be on your way to your better living

They may be renowned for their faddy diets, party lifestyles and stints in rehab, yet not all A-listers put their health on the back burner. To get inspiration from some super-fit and healthy stars, check out our top 10 healthiest celebs.

Jennifer Lopez
With her toned body and glowing skin, J-Lo clearly demonstrates the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Having begun her career as a dancer, Jennifer has always been a fan of exercise yet she still has a healthy, relaxed attitude to diet and fitness, claiming to eat everything in moderation and stating that, while she tries to fit in regular exercise, her babies will always come first. Yet, despite this relaxed approach, super-fit J-Lo – who is also a strict non-smoker and teetotaller – impressively managed to completed a triathlon just seven months after giving birth to her twins.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz is the classic California girl with her outdoorsy nature and love of exercise. Cameron has an extremely active lifestyle and perfectly toned physique and has recently embarked on a healthy eating regime to help fuel her lifestyle. As well as regularly hitting the gym, Cameron takes part in a variety of outdoor activities including surfing, snowboarding, running and skiing. The actress is also a poster-girl for good self-esteem, claiming to love her body more than ever since she hit her late thirties.

Shilpa Shetty
This brunette beauty is a strict follower of yoga, which is obvious considering her slender waist and toned physique. Teaching the techniques of this ancient activity on her own DVD, Shilpa is an advocate for its toning and strengthening benefits. The self-confessed green tea addict gave up her past addiction of fizzy drinks and maintains a balanced attitude towards food, eating a healthy 2000 calories a day. Shilpa reportedly follows a vegetarian diet for half of the week and through combining her yoga with Bollywood dance routines Shilpa is able to stay in great shape despite her sweet tooth. 

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is a renowned health icon who embraces the perfect healthy combo of both regular exercise and a good diet. The Friends star reportedly cuts out processed foods from her diet and stocks up on protein and plenty of fresh fruit and veg. On top of this, Jennifer is dedicated to a varied exercise routine, incorporating cardio training, weight lifting and plenty of yoga and Pilates into her regular routine.

David Beckham
As a professional football player and model, David Beckham is pretty much obligated to be fit. However, on top of his intense training sessions, Beckham is also an advocate of a healthy diet and lifestyle and has recently launched a range of healthy meals to help get kids eating well too. To complement his healthy lifestyle, Beckham has also made the decision to remain teetotal; a decision which no doubt helps towards maintaining those famous abs.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow is a star who has always carefully monitored her health and diet. While in the past the actress may have taken healthy eating to the extreme with her allegiance to the Macrobiotic diet, Gwyneth has more recently relaxed her restrictive diet while still following some of its healthier principles. Gwyneth is also an advocate of good home-cooking, having recently released a cookbook packed with healthy options.

John Abraham
Described as one of the best Bollywood bodies, as a youth John would enjoy playing football and basketball but now follows a more rigorous exercise routine, usually for about two to three hours a day. A vegetarian, John views his fitness as a full time commitment and never misses a workout; always striving for higher results and increased endurance. He also has the art of taekwondo to thank for his toned physique.

Lara Dutta
Former Miss India and Miss Universe, Lara is known for her slender figure and healthy appearance. This is thanks to her balanced vegetarian diet, which she divides into five or six small meals daily. A fan of snacking on raw foods and swimming (she reportedly swims four times a week for two hours at a time) Lara also enjoys muscle toning to make up her six times a week exercise programme. Lara also enjoys the health benefits of cucumber juice and coconut water to keep her skin looking fresh.

Jake Gyllenhaal
As well as being a dedicated barefoot runner who has set himself the goal of running a marathon, Jake Gyllenhaal has a strong interest in healthy eating. In fact, the actor not only admits to being a keen cook with an obsession with recipe books, but he makes sure to include lots of fresh food in his diet. So much so that Jake is a regular at farmers’ markets and also grows his own vegetables in his garden at home.

Bipasha Basu
Fitness fan Bipasha has her very own fitness DVD to share her passion for exercise, which she thinks if enjoyed regularly can improve motivation and confidence in all areas of life. A follower of eating a larger meal in the morning and gradually reducing the portions throughout the day, Bipasha is a fan of egg whites and a high protein diet. Bipasha exercises six days a week for an hour, combining aerobics and weight training to help keep her challenged and motivated.

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