Too Tired for a Workout After Work?

We've got tips to get you out of that sofa
Sunday , 08 July 2012
Get up and get going with Melanie's tips
Get up and get going with Melanie's tips
Dr Melanie Schlatter
Dr Melanie Schlatter

Q. As soon as I’ve finished work, I just want to collapse on the sofa. I read that early evening is the peak time to workout, but as soon as I get home I feel shattered. Help! Emma, 32
Sometimes we can’t take the recommended advice, so if you are able to work out in the mornings, then go for it. However, if you can only do evenings, make a realistic workout plan. For example, save the harder sessions for weekends, and choose the fun dance class for Monday nights. And finally, create some accountability. Track your daily workouts to help motivate you. Write down the number of push-ups you did or kgs you lifted. Save the sofa for Saturdays! - Melanie

INFO: Dr Melanie Schlatter, PhD Consultant Health Psychologist. She unblocks those mental hurdles.

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