OMG: A Dhs4.7 MILLION toilet is in Dubai

OMG: A Dhs4.7 MILLION toilet is in Dubai

03 Feb 2020

A diamond-encrusted toilet was unveiled at The Amazing Museum & Art Gallery

When it comes to luxury, you'd think Dubai has seen it all. Well, until now.

The latest in OTT luxury - a Dhs4.7 MILLION toilet and you can see it at The Amazing Museum & Art Gallery in Dubai.

The toilet, which is labeled as a piece of art and hasn't been used so far (thank god), was introduced by Coronet Jewellery, a diamond jewellery manufacturer in Hong Kong, and is set with 40,815 diamonds totalling 334 carats and valued at $1.28 million (Dh4.70 million). 

This diamond-encrusted toilet bowl was awarded a certificate of authenticity by Guinness World Records representatives for “the most number of diamonds set on a toilet bowl”.

According to Aaron Shum, president of Coronet Jewellery and The Amazing Museum & Art Gallery Dubai, the idea of the diamond toilet comes from the lyrics of Andy Lau’s Chinese song Toilet where he sings, 'Toilet is your friend'.

The diamond toilet was first unveiled in Shanghai Import Expo, China, in 2019. It will stay in The Amazing Museum & Art Gallery for a limited period of time, after which it will go around the world just like other Guinness World Record-breaking products by Coronet.

The company has previously been awarded 10 records for titles like the world’s most valuable guitar ($2 million), most diamonds on a handbag, and for the most diamonds set on a mobile phone case.