Too busy to eat healthy! Pret To Go has a solution!

Ladies, this one's for you...
ByAriel Robinson Wednesday , 18 March 2015
Too busy to eat healthy! Pret To Go has a solution!
You've now got a new place to eat - you're welcome!

In celebration of upcoming Mother’s Day, Pret To Go has created a delicious range of meal plans that are not only low in sugar and the infamous carbs, but also high in nutrition. Choose from the salmon egg protein pot, followed by a delicious fruit pot or the Cajun prawn sandwich and a strawberry tiramisu for dessert – yummy! The meal plan also caters to vegetarians with a mozzarella baguette and vegan cheesecake, which is a mouth-watering option.

Since the UAE’s Mothers Day falls on 21 March, these pre-prepared meals are perfect for busy moms and working women on the go. Pret To Go is definitely one to visit for a filling breakfast, lunch or afternoon pick me up for those who haven’t got the time to stop and eat. Goodbye convenient take-aways, hello guilt-free nutritional options!

For more info: DIFC, 800-PRET,

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