Tony Habre

The food and beverage entrepreneur who's expanding businesses across the region
Sunday , 20 March 2016
Tony Habre
Tony Habre
• The past year has been super-challenging as founder and CEO of Add-Mind group; we’ve undergone an aggressive expansion in Lebanon and the UAE, as well as maintaining the smooth operation of our current outlets. It’s important to look at the different dynamics of each market, and the range of tactics that should be applied for each location.
• In the UAE, the pace is extremely fast and there are ongoing opportunities, so we tailor our strategies for this. Beirut, on the other hand, is more volatile because of the political situation, so businesses take on a ‘survival of the fittest’ approach. We’ve become one of the biggest nightlife and F&B groups in both countries, which requires a lot of planning, fast decision making and strategy implementation. 
• In 2015, we opened MAD nightclub on Yas Island, worked on BouBouffe Lebanese Brasserie with three outlets across the UAE, and partnered with Gaucho Dubai. We’ve also opened a multi-outlet project on Beirut beachside, which includes Madame Bleu Pool Bar and Patio, Popolo Italian restaurant, Boulevard Beirut Café and Sea Salt Seafood Restaurant, and we’ve maintained a solid presence and growth with White Dubai and Beirut, and Iris Dubai, Yas Island and Beirut.
• I am a true believer in inspiring and motivating people to reach their full potential so that each team member can make a difference and contribute to the growth of the business overall. Business guru Richard Branson said: “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”
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