TomKat Want More Kids

Couple planning a sibling for Suri
Wednesday , 26 November 2008
TomKat Want More Kids

TOM CRUISE is keen to expand his family with KATIE HOLMES - but is waiting until his wife finishes her current stint on Broadway before trying for another baby.

Katie is starring in a new adaptation of Arthur Miller's All My Sons and will be based in New York until the end of her run, which is expected to finish early next year.

And Tom admits the couple - who already have two-year-old daughter Suri - are keen for another baby, but they have to wait until Holmes returns to the family home in California.

Tom says, "We have already heard she's pregnant but it's not true. But yes, we will have more children. I'm saying this, but Kate's not here! She's working and we're enjoying this time right now. It's very precious, we don't get this time back.

"When Suri was born we shut everything down for months, just to be with Suri and the kids. But now I'm making movies and Kate is loving being on Broadway because it has been a dream of hers, so we are enjoying this time too."

And the Hollywood actor reveals he was delighted to become a father again - but admits his previous experience with adopted children, Connor and Isabella, came in handy.

He adds, "It came right back. It was especially nice as it was Katie's first time. I knew the drill... it's gas, diaper, hungry. It's magical to have that."