TomKat Deny New Apartment

26 Oct 2008

Couple were said to have bought NY apartment block to house gym and personal staff

TOM CRUISE has brushed off reports he has bought multiple apartments in a New York building to take care of his fitness needs and house his personal staff.

The actor reportedly bought a 10th-floor apartment in the East Village, Manhattan building in 1985.

And according to the New York Post, Cruise and his wife, actress Katie Holmes, have purchased multiple lofts in the high-rise in a bid to bring their lavish Hollywood lifestyle to the Big Apple - where Holmes is currently appearing on Broadway.

A source tells the newspaper, "Tom and Katie now keep five units in the building. They turned one into (daughter) SURI's playroom. One they use for a gym, and two apartments are for staff. In the past couple of months they've bought up all these other apartments. They're all separate and on different floors."

But a spokesperson for Cruise has rubbished the report and denied the couple is buying up units in the building.