Tom & Becky Urquhart

Tom & Becky Urquhart

18 Jun 2014

Desert Palm Residence

The Urquharts have called verdant Desert Palm home for almost a decade but admit the decorative process is an ongoing one. “There’s a constant stream of builders or decorators invading the house usually when I am looking for a bit of peace and quiet,” says broadcaster and presenter Tom.

The architects of Desert Palm have an acute eye for detail. “While you will notice a variety of design motifs and ideas throughout the grounds, one thing you might not immediately notice is that every single villa has an individual nuance in its design that sets it apart from the others,” Tom says.

Becky Urquhart, the real estate manager of Desert Palm Residences, tends to use their family home as the template to test-run design schemes. “There is never any shortage of ‘practice’ going on within our humble abode,” laughs Tom ruefully, admitting he can’t take an iota of credit for the villa’s interior or exterior design that has veered from country cottage to shabby chic via urban loft to the current ‘splash of the Hamptons’ aesthetic. “Becky loves all aspects of design and has a real eye for it. I, on the other hand, just clutter things up and make a mess. She likes clean lines and clear surfaces; I like hoarding and organised mess. It’s a marriage made in heaven.”

The Urquharts are unequivocal and unashamedly sentimental when it comes to their favourite piece in the house. “Becky had the piece of art in the kitchen commissioned for our tenth wedding anniversary this year and it’s stunning – if you look closely, it features the lyrics of the song we chose for our first dance.” 

Top Tips 
● Keep it simple: use plain hues, and build on them with touches of colour through accessories, rugs and cushions.
● Make the most of your outdoor space. Bougainvillea is a simple way to add greenery, vibrant shades and life to a garden or balcony.