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Tom Holland saves fan from getting trampled in a crowd

26 Jun 2019

After all, he is the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

British star Tom Holland swung into action on Monday to help rescue a fan from a crowd crush in New York City.

The actor was in the Big Apple to promote Spider-Man: Far From Home, the latest movie in his web-slinging franchise, when he spotted one female on the verge of a panic attack as she became stuck in a group of overzealous men desperately attempting to gain Tom's attention and snag an autograph.

The victim, simply identified online as Cass, documented the incident on her Twitter page, and captured the moment Tom reached out to her and demanded the others step back to give the girl some room.

"This was absolutely INSANE and should NEVER happen....," she captioned the clip. "my neck was literally against the barricade with 30 grown men behind me pushing.... ridiculous how people act like you're not only endangering fans safety but Toms as well (sic)."

In the video footage, Tom, 23, is shown warning the crowd, "I'm going to throw your s**t on the floor if you keep pushing that girl."

"I'm literally going to have a panic attack," the female fan says, to which the star responds, "I got you, I got you," before turning to the men behind her and firmly asking, "Can you back up?”

Cass' post prompted an outpouring of support from other devotees, who praised Tom for standing up for his fans.

"It really sucks that this happened to you, and I'm glad you're okay. And Tom Holland is a great guy," commented one follower, as another wrote, "Thank you, Tom for being protective and recognizing the situation bless your soul (sic)."