Tom Cruise, the Real-life Hero

Never mind Tom Cruise's box office cred falling with Rock of Ages, he's been a life-saver on the sets
Tuesday , 26 June 2012
Tom Cruise, the Real-life Hero
Tom Cruise, ready to save lives on the Oblivion set

Tom’s not wowing the crowds with his shirtless 49-year-old bad boy role in Rock of Ages, currently flopping at US box offices, but in real life he’s scoring major superhero points. David, a British crew member, was crushed by a large weight on the set of Tom’s new flick Oblivion and Tom reportedly ordered his private pilot to quickly take him to a specialist spinal injury clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A source gushed to The Mirror, “Tom stayed cool and swept straight into action. He didn’t take a back seat at all and made sure his Gulfstream V jet was ready to go in case it was needed. It was quick thinking. David could have suffered permanent spinal injury.”

Tom’s played the hero before, saving fans from being crushed by the crowd at a movie premiere and paying a hospital bill for a stranger after he witnessed a hit-and-run.

A hero on set, but no love at the box office? Sounds like Tom has far more success when he wears a shirt!

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