Tom Cruise gets weird promotion

To Scientology's second-in-command, says biographer...
Monday , 07 January 2008

We all long for a promotion, but perhaps not quite of this sort! TOM CRUISE has become the Church Of Scientology's second-in-command, according to a new biography.

British writer Andrew Morton, best known for his books about the late Diana, Princess Of Wales and David and Victoria Beckham, claims the 45-year-old Hollywood superstar's life has been taken over by the controversial religion.

In Tom Cruise: An Unauthorised Biography, Morton alleges the 'church', founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, relies so heavily on Cruise's celebrity to recruit followers, the actor is now considered second only to leader David Miscavige.

Morton's book claims Cruise's movie career is built around the Church Of Scientology's needs and that he carefully selected his wife Katie Holmes based on what is best for the religion.

However, Cruise's lawyer Bert Fields insists the biography is full of errors as a result of Morton's poor research.

He tells British newspaper the Mail On Sunday: "(Tom) has been told about it and naturally he knows there are a bunch of lies about him.

"It's a boring, poorly researched book by a man who never talked to anyone involved in Tom Cruise's life or anyone close to him."