Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Trying to Avoid Court!

TomKat want to keep the divorce settlement quiet while Katie's ready to step up her career
Monday , 09 July 2012
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Trying to Avoid Court!
Katie emerges from her lawyer's office

There’s already plenty of drama
surrounding the biggest divorce of the decade, but sources are saying that Tom
Cruise and Katie Holmes are trying to avoid even more press by keeping their
divorce negotiations out of court. The Chicago
reported that “the couple went through very intense – but very
civil – divorce negotiations over the weekend.”

So what was discussed during these
hush-hush talks? According to the paper, “While specific custody issues over
daughter Suri remain a sticking point, it appears that Holmes will walk away
with many more millions than the estimated $15 million she’s supposedly
entitled to in the couple’s prenuptial agreement.” Earlier reports stated that
Katie could walk away with only what she came into the marriage with, so good
news for the former Dawson’s Creek

The paper added that within the
talks, “there will likely be a Holmes pledge to never talk about Cruise, her
marriage or the Church of Scientology.” So no made-for-TV movies or best-selling books for Katie!

But she’s got plenty of other plans.
People reported that Katie will soon
start filming Molly in New York City, a movie she co-wrote about a single mother and
her daughter. Hmm… sounds familiar! She’s also set to shoot Responsible Adults
with Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford this fall and she’ll be debuting her Holmes
& Yang clothing line during New York Fashion Week!

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