Tom’s missing blackerry

17 Dec 2008

Ahlan! predicts what secrets the elusive phone could be hiding...

Ahlan’s itching to get its hands on Tom Cruise’s missing BlackBerry phone – containing emails, text messages and celebs’ phone numbers! – which he lost in Toronto, last week. We ponder what juicy tidbits might be on the missing device...

Text to katie

Hi K8e, hv bn gttin dwn wit the cool kidz from The Hillz, n they hv bn teachin me txt lingo. Tlk 2 u l8r, lv 4eva.

Text to Brad Pitt
Hi Brad, thanks for the big up in ur Rolling Stone interview. I dropped in a ‘Brad’s a great dad’ quip in People in return. Love to Ange, dude. Tom

Text from Connor
Hi dad. Can you call me back when you get a chance? Your machine must be broken because I’ve left, like 10 messages! Love, Connor (your son). x

Email from: Valkyrie director Bryan Singer

Subject: time to roll out Suri

Hey Tom,
The critics are panning our movie, man – calling it “laughable”. Think we made a huge mistake dressing you up as a German soldier then making you speak in an American accent. Can you bring Suri out for a walk, and get some “accidental” pap shots taken so that everyone will talk about you? Make her do the “shy” act too – the snappers love that.
Love ya buddy,
Bryan Singer

Email to: David Beckham
Subject: Christmas

Dear David,
Was really cool hanging out with you guys during Thanksgiving. Was wondering if you wanted to swing by for Christmas? Was going to invite Big Willy too – get the families together? We’ve got to get Katie and Posh talking again. Any ideas?
Love, Tom