Today's the last day to shop before VAT hits!

Will you be heading to the mall?
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 31 December 2017
Today's the last day to shop before VAT hits!
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2018 is almost here, and it'll be bringing with it the well-publicised introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT).

That's right, starting tomorrow, most goods and services in the UAE will be subject to a five percent tax, proceeds of which will go to the government.

Khaleej Times reports that malls and stores in the UAE have seen a major surge in buying, especially in the gold and electronics departments, before VAT is rolled out.

Not only that, residents are also stocking up on essentials such as milk, bread and eggs, all of which will be taxed starting from tomorrow.

The impending introduction of VAT, along with the start of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is making for a retail phenomenon, with stores offering ridiculous offers and discounts to customers.

Have you bagged any fantastic deals? Will you be heading to the mall today take advantage of the last day of VAT-free shopping?

Let us know in the comments below!

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