TNT Shrimps

30 Apr 2012

Make it the way Caramel does with their recipe

TNT Shrimps

500g mayonnaise
100g sweet chili sauce
50gm chili paste

1000ml ice cold water
250g plain flour
100ml soy sauce
20ml rice vinegar
100g fish stock powder

TNT sauce

Combine all the ingredients until evenly mixed.

Combine all the dry ingredients.
2. Combine all the wet ingredients.
3. Mix wet and dry ingredients to form a smooth batter.

Final dish
Set the fryer temperature at 180C.
2. Ensure that the shrimps are deveined and the tails are removed.
3. Drop some batter in the fryer to check if it is ready to use.
4. Cover the shrimps in batter.
5. Drop the battered shrimps in the oil ensuring they don’t stick by using tongs to separate them.
6. Keep a bowl ready with the TNT sauce in it.
7. Once the shrimps are out of the fryer, drop them in the bowl and toss them thoroughly in the sauce.

INFO: This recipe courtesy of Caramel, DIFC, 04 425 6677,, ChoCo’a,

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