Tips'n'Trends with UAE Celeb Makeup Artist Kate Goodwin

This Week: Filling in Eyebrows
Thursday , 20 December 2012
Tips'n'Trends with UAE Celeb Makeup Artist Kate Goodwin
Kate Goodwin

• Be sure to use the same shade eyebrow pencil as your natural hairs.

• Brush your eyebrows downwards and look for the highest point where the arch should be.

• Look straight into the mirror and line your pencil up with the outside of your nose and the middle of your pupil. This will be the start of your brow. Gently draw in an arch.

• Mark the outside edge of the brow. Line the outside corner or your nose to the outside corner of your eye, this is where your eyebrow will end.

• Follow the natural shape of the brow and begin to fill them in, being careful not to make them too dark.

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