Tips'n'Trends with UAE Celeb Makeup Artist Kate Goodwin

Bring the blush on and work bold brows with Kate Goodwin
Thursday , 01 November 2012
Blush, Dhs140
Blush, Dhs140
Kate Goodwin
Kate Goodwin

TIP:  I can’t leave the house without my bright pink blush; I feel so dull without it! Blush can brighten your complexion any time of the day. For a touch of cheeky, fresh-faced magic, apply a pink or peach-toned blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you smile and follow the apples of your cheeks upwards towards your cheekbones you can’t go wrong. It will lift your face and give you a real glow. Apply a bright colour lipstick such as coral or fuchsia to really liven up your face. Bobbi Brown does a great selection of blushers that blend beautifully onto the skin for a natural look.

TREND:  Bold brows are back, girls! At the Marc Jacobs S/S13 show the focal point of the look was all about the brows. To achieve this look, follow the natural direction of the brow using a sharp eyebrow pencil in small hair-like strokes. My personal favourite is the Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil. You can also try using a matte eye shadow with an angled brush and extend the brow out to the temple. Be sure to brush them into place afterwards so they still look groomed. Keep the rest of your face clean and don’t go too heavy on the eyes. It’s all about the power brow.

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