Tips'n' Trends with UAE Celeb Makeup Artist Kate Goodwin

This week… Ageless beauty
Wednesday , 16 January 2013
Kate Goodwin
Kate Goodwin

Makeup can be used as a tool to take years off your face, and give you confidence no matter what age you are, follow these tips for a fresh young looking complexion.
• Good beauty routines begin with good skin care regimes. As we age our skin loses the ability to produce enough moisture, hence we need to feed it with richer creams and moisturisers.
• Under eye circles often deepen with age so using richer eye creams containing vitamin C, vitamin K, and anti-ageing ingredients will help smooth put the skin.
• Use a corrector with a peach or pink undertone to cancel out the darkness and follow with a light brighter concealer to lift the eye area.
• You can also use the same peach corrector to remove brown age spots or sun spots.
• Yellow toned foundation helps to tone down redness in this skin so opt for beige instead of pink colours.
•Use a cream blush that’s a peach or soft pink. It will sit better then powder and give you that rosy glow and make you look fresher.
• Avoid too much shimmer on the eyelids and opt for more satin or matte eye shadows. Sweeping a darker eye shadow in the crease will lift droopy eyelids. Don’t forget a soft liner, it will define eyes and totally brighten your look.

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