Tips'n' Trends with Hillary Kozma, Owner of Glow

This week: How to get bold bright hair
Thursday , 24 January 2013
Tips'n' Trends with Hillary Kozma, Owner of Glow

• Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are cleansing agents found in shampoo but they can be abrasive - stripping and fading color. Try Schwarzkopf Colour Save shampoo.
• Only use filtered or bottled water to cleanse your hair. The water in Doha is harsh because of all the desalinisation chemicals.
• Skip hot water – it opens cuticles and allows fading. Cleanse your hair with lukewarm water and rinse with cool water, which closes the hair cuticles.
• Like skin, your hair needs protection from the sun. Mist a bit of spray conditioner, containing an SPF, on your hair to protect it from those harmful rays every day. A cute hat works just as well!
• Condition often to put moisture back into your hair and to help lock in colour.
• Don’t forget to put on a conditioning mask just before swimming in chlorine or salt water – this acts as a protective barrier. If your hair is long, wrap it up in a bun on the very top of your head to protect the ends. I love this multi-tasking tip as it protects hair from salt and chlorine while working as a conditioning treatment at the same time.