Tim and Dianne Scott-Young

02 Jul 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Having a beach right on your doorstep can be quite handy when you’re a mum of three and you love entertaining. Unsurprisingly, the location of this Palm villa is the biggest feature of the home belonging to Australian lawyer Dianne. “The beach and the sea are a natural extension to our living space, with every room enjoying stunning water views that change depending on the time of day,” she says. “The living room is surrounded by the sea, and its high ceiling adds a sense of drama.”

Having three children and hosting a constant stream of overseas visitors, this home has to be practical, yet it’s also the perfect contemporary space to showcase Dianne’s treasured art collection. It ranges from pop art paintings of her three boys that were painted by an artist in Shanghai, to a massive painting from China that dominates the foyer, and the Aboriginal work that reflects her homeland’s origins.