Thunderstorms Surprise the UAE

Thunderstorms and dust lashed the country on Saturday night following a weekend of dust storms
Sunday , 07 April 2013
Thunderstorms Surprise the UAE
Thunderstorms lashed the UAE

The UAE was struck by dust storms this weekend, topped off by a heavy thunderstorm on Saturday night (6 April).

The entire country was hit by the unusual weather, with Sharjah being one of the most affected emirates, with winds up to 70 km/h.

Dust storms started covering the country in sand on Thursday (4 April) evening, continuing throughout the weekend. On Saturday night heavy rain began in Abu Dhabi, before spreading to other emirates.

Some minor traffic incidents were reported as a result of the weather. A ship in UAE waters caused damage to other vessels in Sharjah when it attempted to enter Khalid Port once the thunderstorm began.