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Three-Minute Fitness Fixes

15 Sep 2010

20 body boosters you can do in your tea break!

1. Use Dumb-Bells
Banish bingo wings by keeping some light dumb-bells in your desk drawer or near the kettle and do some light reps while you’re waiting for the water to boil or chatting on the phone.

2. Give Your Brain A Workout
Make like crossword fan Sienna Millerand boost your brain power with a mental workout twice a day. Doing a crossword or sudoku quiz could prevent memory loss and dementia. While new research suggests that arranging a get-together with friends can also improve your intellectual performance, while those with the strongest network of friends live longest.

3. Stretch!
Sitting is actually harder on your body than standing, so do a three-minute, total body stretch at your desk every hour. Start with stretching your fingers, then circle your wrists, stretch your arms, shrug your shoulders then roll your head, and finally stretch out your back, chest and legs.

4. Floss
It takes just one minute to floss and reduce your chances of gum disease through plaque build-up on the teeth. Keep some floss in your handbag and nip to the bathroom to floss
after meals.

5. Downsize Your Handbag
If that oversized Birkin is packed to the seams, it’s time for a clear out. Anything over 1.5 kilos puts pressure on your back – so get rid of old recipts, loose change and anything else that’s weighing you down.

6. Work your abs!
Crunch your way to a washboard tum without leaving your desk! Pull your belly button in towards your spine and hold for five to 10 seconds, breathing normally and repeat. Alternatively, hold a bottle of water at chest level and gently twist to the left as far as you can, twist back to centre and twist to the right.

7. Drink water
Keeping your body hydrated can not only improve your short-term memory, but new studies have shown that women who drink more water burn more calories.

8.Take the stairs
Get your blood pumping by dodging the lift and taking the stairs. Run or take two stairs at a time if you can. You’ll work your quads, calves and butt, and burn 50 calories for every five minutes of stair walking.

9. Snack on fruit
A new study has found that eating one extra portion of fruit a day can cut your chances of premature death by 20 per cent.

10. Flex your pins
Just because you’re sat at a desk all day doesn’t mean you can’t give your legs a good workout. Work your inner thighs by placing a water bottle or empty coffee cup between your knees and squeezing; then work your quads by sitting up straight and extending one leg straight out in front to hip level, and repeating on the other side.

11. Pop a vitamin
Multivitamins can improve your mood and mental performance, reduce stress and tiredness, and keep your nutrient levels on an even keel.

12. Wash Your Hands
Washing your hands properly can cut the risk of cold and flu infections by 45 per cent. And don’t forget to moisturise afterwards to prevent signs of ageing on the paper-thin skin on the back of hands.

13. Keep a food diary
Carrie Underwoodlost a whopping nine kilos after she began jotting down what she ate each day. Take a few minutes to record what you’re eating – even small tastes and bites – and you could double your weight loss.

14. Pimp your font
Up the font size on your PC to 12, as anything smaller increases your risk of eye strain.

15. Adjust your bra straps
According to new research in the US, thin bra straps that are too tight trigger headaches as they can push on the cervical nerve in the neck. Get properly fitted and go for as wide a bra strap as possible.

16. Park further away
Now that we’re moving into the cooler months, don’t be tempted to park right outside the office or mall. Park a little further away and burn off 25 calories with a brisk five-minute walk before work.

17. Erase email
Instead of emailing a colleague who is sitting on the other side of the office, get up and deliver the message in person. Not only will you sneak in a bit of extra exercise, but your endorphin levels will benefit from face-to-face contact with another person.

18. Don’t touch the remote
Instead of idly channel-flicking during commercial breaks, use that time to sneak in some exercise – you can do at least 12 minutes in an hour-long television programme.

19. Walk the mall
Don’t head straight to your favourite shop at the mall – instead, do a couple of laps of the mall, doing bicep curls with your shopping bags as you walk.

20. Clench
Work your butt while sitting at your desk by discreetly clenching your buttocks, holding for five seconds,
then releasing.

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