Thomas Jellum

The man who’s brought a Bollywood experience to Dubai.
Thursday , 06 April 2017
Thomas Jellum
Thomas Jellum
  • In 2016, we brought to life the world’s first Bollywood-inspired theme park. I remember visiting the site when it was just a sand pit, and now walking through Bollywood Parks Dubai makes me nostalgic, as well as extremely proud, to have been part of this journey.

  • As General Manager, I like to think of myself as the director of a blockbuster movie – I’m not only responsible for the running of the theme park, I’m also working with my team to provide fun, exciting and imaginative experiences.  

  • When I was just starting out, one of my bosses told me that in all his years of experience he has learned that no two individuals are the same, and a good leader learns to understand each employee on an individual basis. 

  • There’s an old saying: “Judging a fish on its ability to climb a tree is not fair either to the fish or the tree.”

  • If I have a favourite childhood memory it’s the Walt Disney Story of Aristocats, mainly because the male cat character has the same first name as me, Thomas, and he’s very good with the female cats.