automated driving tests

Ooh, the chance of error has been reduced for driving tests in Dubai

25 Jun 2019

Good news

Learning drivers in Dubai need to pass three tests to get a driver’s license. One of these is now fully automated. How cool is that?

The three tests include the theoretical exam, the yard (parking) test and the final driving test on the road.

The yard test will now be taken with the help of cameras and sensors instead of by an RTA representative. This test reviews the new drivers’ skills in several kinds of parking, as well as their emergency braking skills.

So this means that the chance of messing up because of feeling too nervous or intimidated by your examiner has also reduced!

The process uses five cameras and more than 20 sensors that record the skills of the driver as they carry out the five-manoeuvre test. The collected data is then matched to the approved testing standards to determine whether the driver has passed or failed.

Director of Drivers Training and Qualification department at RTA Khaled Alsalehi said, "It reduces the error margin in taking the 'pass' or 'fail' decision ... It also improves safety, thanks to the use of technology to avoid accidents. The system has been applied to 15 testing yards in Dubai, and 108,603 smart testing processes have been completed.”