This Dubai-Based Influencer Has Topped The 2018 Instagram Rich List

It's been claimed she can earn over Dhs120,000 per beauty post
ByTeam Ahlan!Monday , 30 July 2018
This Dubai-Based Influencer Has Topped The 2018 Instagram Rich List
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With over 26 million followers, Huda Beauty has landed herself a spot in Hopper HQ's 2018 Instagram Rich List. 

The beauty mogul and influencer has been listed at the top of the beauty list, with a possible earning of up to $33,000 (Dhs121,000) per post. 

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And her mega Instagram success means she's also made it onto overall Rich List, coming in at 20th, just behind sportspeople Floyd Mayweather and Stephen Curry. 

Although, this doesn't come as a huge surprise, as earlier this month Huda was listed on Forbes' America's Richest Self-Made Women List, with an estimated net-worth of $550 million (Dhs2 billion).

Huda, however, has denied claims that she is paid for posts 

"I've always tried to keep my blog and social media completely unbiased and non-monetised. I've had some really insane offers for a single Instagram post - well into the six-figures! – but I turn them all down. It just isn’t my communication style and I don’t feel comfortable about it," Huda Kattan told Lovin Dubai in a statement. "For me, social media is and always will be purely a tool for me to share information, things that I love, and to connect with my followers. I always try to be as real as possible and pride myself in only supporting brands I love and truly believe in. Huda Beauty has also grown a lot in the last five years, and the majority of the opportunities that come through to me conflict with the growing business, so I simply decline them."

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