This cinema will kick out anyone who uses their phone during a screening

This cinema will kick out anyone who uses their phone during a screening

22 Aug 2019

It's all about immersing yourself in the movie

There's nothing worse than people having obnoxiously loud conversations on the phone while you're trying to enjoy a movie. Immersing yourself in what you're watching is part of the cinematic experience, but some people really like to test your patience, don't they?

Luckily, VOX Cinemas decided to address this ongoing issue with a new rule that forbids any distractions in the cinema. 

They call it their 'Distraction Free Screening,' where anyone who is caught texting, talking, or tapping will be asked to leave the cinema. 

Upon announcing the news, Twitter was full of doubts about whether this new rule will be a flop or not. People were mainly questioning how VOX is planning to make people abide to the rules. But they explained their strategy, saying: "Our dedicated ninja-like staff members will be surveilling the audience at all times."

Others applauded VOX's initiative and expressed their views about the huge change in the cinema etiquette of people. One user even said that it seemed like a "cultural issue."

According to VOX, this idea actually came from movie enthusiasts themselves who signed up for the initiative, so really, VOX is just looking out for us. 

So, what are the rules that everyone needs to follow during this distraction-free screening? We listed down some major don'ts for your future reference:

  • All phones must be switched off, or on silent mode -all urgent calls but be taken outside the cinema.
  • The experience is only allowed for viewers 18 and above.
  • No talking or tapping of any sort.

VOX is yet to release an in-depth article of all the things you should know about the new experince. We think this is perfect for movie critics or bloggers who really want to concentrate on the movie. 

What do you guys think? Would you prefer this over the usual screenings or nah?