The things they say

02 Mar 2010

Here’s a tip Rob, if you want to sound ‘interesting,’ just tell us what’s really going on with Kristen!

After leaving us scratching our heads (read: crying into our life size Edward Cullen pillows) over his woman-hating Details magazine interview last week, Robert Pattinsonhas attempted to explain his somewhat disturbing comments about the fairer sex. (For the uninitiated, in an interview that accompanied a photo shoot with some very naked models, R-Patz blabbed to the trendy US mag that he had an “allergy to women’s private parts.”) Now the Twilight hottie is doing some serious back peddling.

“The whole story was because I thought people would be offended by the photos and when they get offended by the little joking explanation of it…I don’t know, the world’s a weird place,” stammered the moody vampiro.

Adding, “If you just do pat answers to things, then people get sick of you for that; if you try to think of something to say, then people get sick of you for that.”

Well, saying as we’re going for full disclosure Rob, we will NEVER get sick of you telling us what’s the real story between you and K-Stew. So next time, why not try rambling about her, instead of launching into some bizarre, non-funny, pseudo-misogynistic diatribe!