Things get heated between Beyonce and a wedding planner over the 'Blue Ivy' trademark

Now Bey is being called a 'fraud'...
ByJulianne TolentinoThursday , 29 August 2019
Things get heated between Beyonce and a wedding planner over the 'Blue Ivy' trademark

Beyoncé is being accused of being a fraud by the woman she's been battling for years over the title 'Blue Ivy.'

The star, whose first child is named Blue Ivy, has been in a legal spat with Veronica Morales, the owner of a wedding planning business, over her company's title since 2017, when the 'Crazy in Love' hitmaker took legal action to trademark her daughter's name. 

The feud started when Jay-Z and Beyoncé welcomed their first born, Blue Ivy Carter, into the world. They protected 'Blue Ivy' from being used for profit by trademarking her name. Pretty insane if you ask us. 

But it just so happened that Morales' business was up and running years before Blue Ivy was born, so she found the whole issue absurd and unfair. She was set on stopping the singer from obtaining any rights, and even went so far as to point out an interview of Jay Z with Vanity Fair, where he said a things that contradicted to the lawsuit filed by Bey herself. 

Apparently, Beyonce told Morales that they wanted to use 'Blue Ivy' for business purposes, but Jay Z never mentioned any of that sort during his interview. Because of this, Morales is now accusing Beyonce of fraud for lying to her. 

"When considered together, the admission to Vanity Fair and the refusal to respond to any discovery responses is sufficient evidence to conclude that the Applicant’s intent all along is exactly what Jay Z said: to use trademark applications to prevent others from using the name of their daughter. This is fraud on the USPTO," Morales states.

The two are currently set to head to trial.

And that's not all of it. Things got particularly nasty last year when Beyonce accused the wedding planner of offering to sell the singer her company for $10 million. But once again, Morales denied this and accusing Bey for lying, and said: "The very abhorrent methods that Ms. Carter herself and her attorneys have pursued in this case from the onset."

Will this argument ever end?

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