They Are Michael’s Kids!

09 Aug 2009

Jermaine says MJ is the daddy


JERMAINE JACKSON has hit out at rumours that his late brother MICHAEL JACKSON was not the biological father of his three children.

Rumours that Michael used donors to father his children Prince, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket) have intensified since the singer's death six weeks ago.

But speaking on Larry King Live, Jermaine says there is no doubt that all three children are biologically Michael's.

He said: "People come forth and say things just to get attention, but those are definitely Michael's children. You can look at the kids and tell that they are Michael's kids."

Jermaine also told the talk show king that MJ's brood were coping well without their father and have been enjoying trips to the cinema and preparing for the coming school year.

He said: "They're playing with my kids and they are coming back strong."

And when asked if the youngsters would ever consider careers in show business, the 54 year old said "there's a great possibility".

He added, "They love film and they love movies and they know a lot about animation."