There's an alarming gender imbalance on the Dubai Walk of Fame

There's an alarming gender imbalance on the Dubai Walk of Fame

14 Aug 2019

The Dubai Stars seem VERY male-dominated

The Dubai Stars - Downtown Dubai's very own Hollywood-inspired walk of fame has garnered a lot of interest in the past few months, with several big names being confirmed, from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, to Serena Williams, Elie Saab and Nancy Ajram. 

The total number of stars is set to be 400, honouring 10,000 individuals, according to developer, Emaar. 

But, following the latest announcements, there are just a mere seven stars that are honouring female personalities - out of a staggering 38. 

Priyanka Chopra is the latest female star to be confirmed, along with Serena Williams, Nancy Ajram, Fairouz, Ni Ni, Zhao Liying and Zhang Ziyi.

AHLAN! reached out to Emaar to question the imbalance, and the organisers issued a statement.  “The mission of Emaar’s Dubai Stars is to use our platform to celebrate and amplify the work of individuals who have positively influenced the world in a variety of fields such as music, film, art, architecture, sports and literature, as well as social influencers. We aim to launch the initiative with 400 stars, and our broader goal is to feature more than 10,000 individuals. The stars are named by the public, and the selection happens through an internal committee. The selection criteria are based on the nominees’ social impact, and the degree of admiration the general public has towards them. The nominees can be fictional characters, groups, and celebrities from all eras, and they will include many amazing men and women from all over the world. We urge the public to continue to nominate their favourites for consideration for a Dubai Star.”.

It is likely that additional female stars will be announced, as we're only 10% of the way into the full list, however it's unclear who the other stars are or will be.