There Are Some Serious Dust Storms On The Horizon

There Are Some Serious Dust Storms On The Horizon

16 May 2017

Drive safe, people!

The forecast is wild and windy these days!

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology, NCMS, has urged motorists to apply caution while driving due to the onset of active winds, which are likely to cause dust storms reports Emirates 247.

In a statement on Monday, NMCS confirmed that the weather will be partly cloudy and hazy over the next few days. Clouds are expected to develop by afternoon over mountainous and eastern areas. Expect light to moderate winds in general, causing blowing dust, especially over northern areas.

"Seas are moderate in the Arabian Gulf, becoming rough at times over the northern Emirates offshore, and slight to moderate in the Sea of Oman," the statement added.

Summer in the UAE means heat and dust, and it seems like summer is officially here!