There are palm trees that sing when you hug them in Louvre Abu Dhabi

There are palm trees that sing when you hug them in Louvre Abu Dhabi

26 Feb 2020

Don't miss out on this art installation that will reconnect you to the nature

There are 30 date palms singing in unison as part of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s new interactive installation, Singing Trees, which has opened to the public this Tuesday, February 25.

The songs, which include the traditional Emirati Ayyala, play on speakers strapped around each palm. With the use of presence sensors, the volume of these tunes increases when visitors get closer to the trees. The more people interact with the trees at the same time, the more resonant the music will be.

The world of art has found a creative way to address the climate crises and environmental destruction. The aim of this installation is to draw the visitors' attention to the nature and the environment.

Visitors can experience Singing Trees for free until Saturday, March 7, after which it will travel to Paris in September.

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Do you want to get closer to nature? Experience this world-premiere installation for free in Louvre Abu Dhabi's Park until 7 March After the Abu Dhabi premiere, the installation will travel to the garden of Paris’ Palais Royal, followed by presentations in #London, #NewYork and #Paris again for the Olympics in 2024. __ هل تريد الاقتراب من الطبيعة أكثر؟ اكتشف هذا العمل التركيبي الأول من نوعه في العالم مجاناً في حديقة اللوفر أبوظبي حتى ٧ مارس. بعد عرضه للمرة الأولى في اللوفر أبوظبي، سينتقل هذا العمل إلى حديقة القصر الملكي في باريس، ثم إلى مدن لندن ونيويورك وبعدها سيعود إلى باريس لعرضه خلال أولمبياد ٢٠٢٤

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