The World Awaits the Royal Baby Name

23 Jul 2013

Ahlan!'s Video Footage of the Royal Baby Name Waiting Game Direct From London

This Royal arrival has gone down as one of the history’s biggest waiting games. Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting for Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, to go into labour – media were camped outside St Mary’s hospital and Buckingham Palace night and day for weeks in advance. Then, once the expecting mum went into labour, the world waited to baited breath to learn the new monarch-to-be’s gender. “It’s a boy” has been broadcast from every corner of the earth. But the wait’s not over yet. The media - Ahlan! included - and loyal Royal fans can’t pack up their campsite just yet. Now we’re awaiting the first pic of the newborn prince and the big reveal of the all-important name. James and George are hot favourites, but here at Ahlan! we reckon the young man will be named Henry... just a hunch, but remember you heard it here first.


Catch the tense atmosphere in London right now (plus a few tears) on our video footage.